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Regional roots, APAC reach.

From branded online CPD learning platforms and management tools to bespoke curriculum and course content development, we harness design, technology, and innovation to put learning at the forefront of thinking.


Our clients rely on our expertise, understanding and access to industry-leading experts to help them build better learning experiences so that their learners can build better selves.


Identifying a need for compliance-based training amongst building practitioners, particularly in regional and remote areas across Australia, the original Pointsbuild learning platform was launched in 2007 as Australia’s first approved Continuing Professional Development (‘CPD’) training provider for the industry.


In the intervening years, we have grown into the leading provider of online CPD education and training services for construction and building professionals across Australia and have since expanded our offering into the allied health, public, social and professional services sectors.


As technology and accessibility has evolved, so too has our ability to develop engaging and essential CPD training that extends the educational reach of our partners whilst enabling professionals to grow their skills and expertise from anywhere, at any time.


We have a wealth of experience collaborating with clients and subject matter experts to develop tailored, multimedia learning experiences for members, learners or employees as well as providing further opportunities for individuals via our extensive library of existing courses.


With humble beginnings in regional NSW, we are a proud Australian business committed to supporting regional economies and employment. Our teams working together remotely across NSW, the ACT, Victoria and New Zealand, ensure through activities and training, learning options and CPD opportunities that a pathway to professional improvement is always available throughout the APAC region.



We work with our partners on a ‘no surprises’ basis. We will not keep you in the dark and do our best to keep things light.


All our interactions are about growing and fostering long-term relationships with our partners and learners.


Problems will always arise. We understand they are never about the end of success but the beginning of solutions.


Technology is the cornerstone of e-learning. Innovation is the cornerstone of technology. We use one to build the other.


Open relationships with our partners create a blend of what they know best – their learners, with what we do best – e-learning design.


Glitches are a natural part of the iterative process. When problems arise, we believe in a ‘fix first, debrief later’ approach.


With respect to our partners, our learners, our content and our platform, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to quality.


Education is not showing people what you know, it’s teaching them what they don’t.


We believe that ideas are like soup, best as a rich blend of flavours and ingredients from many different sources. Our team reflects this belief.


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